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One person can change the world! I want you to believe that. The bible is full of men and women who made a difference. God is still raising up men to impact and change the world. May we never forget that with God all things are possible. We should not be afraid to dream. Our God is able. Just let us never forget that without Him we can do nothing. Let's do something! Unite with Christ and live deliberately for the glory of God. Making a difference isn't about having it all figured out. It is about being available and obedient to the Holy Spirit's leading. You can make a difference and you do not need a college degree to do it. 

If you don't know where to start in your effort to change the world, we can help you. Changing the world isn't always about major acts that single-handedly alter the world as we know it. Those things happen, but most often the world gets changed one person at a time. This is good news. This means that you and I can potentially change and impact the world by impacting one person. You can change the world and make a huge difference through small acts of love that minister to people. You can change the world by allowing the Spirit of Christ to live through you. You can change the world by going to the world with the love of Jesus Christ. 

Too many people, Christian people, settle for making little to no difference in the world. Refuse to coast through life without making ripples. Determine to make the largest splash you can for Jesus. This website has several ways for you to get involved. Sure, you can give. We want you to give, but we'd rather that you go. The Great Commission is about going to the world. Go to the projects page of this site and make a difference. The time is now. Let's do it. Let's change the world.

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