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We currently offer short-term trips to the Dominican Republic and to Ukraine. You are more than welcome to join us for one of the already scheduled trips or we can plan a trip specifically for you, your group or church. 

The Dominican Republic and Ukraine are great trips for both first timers (including children) and seasoned short-term missionaries. 

Short-term trips normally range from 7-9 days. 

Trips are customizable to a degree. If you are joining an already scheduled trip and group, then you are signing up for a trip that has already been customized for that group. This does not mean the group will not work with you by way of making some adjustments that allow you to accomplish a certain desired task. If you are creating a trip for your own group, then it can be customized in great detail. However, these customized trips will still need to be geared according to the current needs of on-the-ground missionaries and leaders. We will share with you the available options of service once we have a round-about date for the trip. 

Common areas of service: Construction Projects, Painting, Cleaning, Orphanage Visit, Vacation Bible School, Food Distribution, Dump Ministry, Evangelistic Movie Nights, Village Marriage Conferences, Ministering in Local Church Services, Preaching, Teaching, and many other areas of service.

*Even though most of our efforts are in the DR and Ukraine, we are open to arranging trips to other countries. We do have missionaries in other countries that we support. Arranging a trip to one of those countries is not outside the realm of possibility. If there is a country that you have in mind, let us know. We will let you know if that trip is possible with MissionsNOW. It never hurts to ask. 

One of the most rewarding projects that we offer are these Resourcing Pastor's Retreats. At every retreat so far we have seen instant fruit in the lives of pastors attending. 

These retreats hope to resource indigenous pastors in at least three ways. 1. PHYSICAL REST 2. MARITAL REFRESHMENT 3. SPIRITUAL REFUEL


For example, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic we will gather 12 pastors and their wives

at one of the resorts for a multi-day retreat. Where as in Ukraine, we may gather a similar number at a local retreat center. While at the resort or retreat center these pastors will get to rest and spend some quality time with their spouses. They will participate in marriage and ministry enrichment sessions throughout the retreat. They will be treated to several days of a great food, swimming, massages, and various activities. Many of these pastors have never been blessed in this way before. 

We count it an honor to be able to bless these men and women of God who are serving faithfully on the front-lines for the Kingdom of God in their country. If you are interested in supporting one of these retreats, please visit the Give page. If you are interested in participating in one of these retreats, please select the link here.

Resourcing Pastors




Refuel Weekends happen in the village at one of the local churches. First, we identify a local indigenous pastor who has a desire to host a Refuel Weekend at his church. Second, that local pastor begins to invite all the other pastors in his village to this event. Third, the local pastor (often with the help of a missionary) arranges every thing needed for a successful event at his church, like renting tables and having food prepared. Fourth, we show up and sow into these pastors through teaching and relationship building. Fifth, they go back to the Great Commission refueled.



This is a new ministry of MissionsNOW. We have not established any centers as of January 1, 2018. We hope to establish our first center in the DR in 2018. 

As we continue to work with local pastors in villages in the Dominican Republic and Ukraine, we believe that we could begin to see MissionsNOW Centers forming in those villages. The relationships that are started or strengthened in the Resourcing Pastor's Retreats and Refuel Weekends easily translates into a commitment to get together more often. Therefore, 

MissionsNOW Centers will be a natural next step to fostering better relationships for the sake of the gospel.

A MissionsNOW Center is simply a monthly meeting for local pastors to gather, pray, and encourage one another in the work of the Great Commission. We believe kingdom-minded pastors will seize the opportunity to begin working together for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. These meetings typically happen around the table (lunch, if possible). 

Marriage & Ministry CONFERENCES

Marriage & Ministry Conferences are larger events for local pastors and church leaders. These tend to be one day events. The hope is that by strengthening the marriages of the pastors in attendance we strengthen their ministries and churches. Too many pastors are laboring hard for the Kingdom all the while their married life and home life are a struggle. During these events we seek to give these pastors direction and the tools necessary to have a strong married life and home life, which often results in a greater satisfaction in their ministries. 


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